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Senator Mike Lee’s Response to the Annual Presidential Campaign Speech

Posted in America, Economy, Tea Party, Washington on January 31, 2014 by desertdweller

Full transcript available here.  Notably, Senator Lee addresses the administration’s false concept that government is the way to solve “inequality” when the administration’s notion of “inequality” is created by … the administration.

But where does this new inequality come from? From government — every time it takes rights and opportunities away from the American people and gives them instead to politicians, bureaucrats, and special interests.

Inequality – real inequality – is trapping poor children in failing schools to benefit bureaucrats and union bosses. It’s penalizing low-income parents for getting married, or getting better jobs.

It’s guaranteeing insurance companies taxpayer bailouts if Obamacare cuts into their profits.

Inequality is blocking thousands of middle-class jobs in the energy industry as a favor to partisan donors and radical environmental activists.

Inequality is denying viable, unborn children any protection under the law, while exempting unsanitary, late-term abortion clinics from basic safety standards.

It’s denying citizens their right to define marriage in their states as traditionally or as broadly as their diverse values dictate.

It’s the federal government hurting rural communities, especially in the west, by controlling and mismanaging public lands.

It’s changing laws without congressional approval, and spying on American citizens without constitutional authority.

And of course, Obamacare – all by itself – is an inequality Godzilla that has robbed working families of their insurance, their doctors, their wages and their jobs. Many Americans are now seeing why some of us fought so hard to stop this train-wreck over the last four years.

Government-driven inequality is the reason why, as hard-working families across the country struggle to make ends meet, six of the ten wealthiest counties in America are now suburbs of Washington, D.C.


Almost 4 million fewer people working today than under Bush

Posted in Change, Economy on October 2, 2012 by desertdweller

The changing denominator in the U3 unemployment rate hides the real effect on real people.  This post shows there are far fewer people working at the end of Obama’s four years than at the start.

Would you trust the Obamaphone???

Posted in Bill of Rights, Cronyism, Economy, Obots with tags , on October 1, 2012 by desertdweller

Domestic warrantless phone surveillance increased 60% between 2009 and 2011.

Are you sure you want a free phone from this administration?

Time for the Board to vote in a new CEO

Posted in Economy on August 6, 2011 by desertdweller

This is what happens when we vote a “community organizer” the position of CEO of the world’s largest economy.

Health Care Tax Hikes, Enumerated In Full

Posted in Economy, Health Care, Nanny State, Washington on November 20, 2009 by desertdweller

Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) have posted list of all the tax hikes in Dingy Harry’s Senate Health Care bill (the Senate substitute to H. R. 3590).


Dizzy Yet?

Posted in Economy, Taxes, Washington on August 25, 2009 by desertdweller

How’s the view looking down that toilet?  Click on the picture for a live update. . .

National Debt Clock - 26 May 2009

Fight the Cap and Trade Bill

Posted in Cronyism, Economy, Energy Policy, Taxes on June 26, 2009 by desertdweller

First off, read Power Line’s summary of the Cap and Trade Bill being voted in Congress.  Most notable is the bureaucracy created, much less the additional money laundering to Pelosi’s wind farm cronies.

Government NightmareThen go to Michelle Malkin’s Rolodex, find the name of someone you care to call, and do it.