Creeping Tyranny

Don’t expect to wake up one day and find we’ve emerged from the sunshine of liberty and stepped into the fog of tyranny.  The transition will be subtle.  The Overton Window will shift to tyranny as the public, with the aid of media, popular culture and those in power row forward.

President Obama seems aware of this concept, with claims of Executive Authority (over the authority of Congress), and now this.

President Barack Obama used his time on a Google hangout Friday to say he wants to push ahead with some version of net neutrality regulations despite an appeals court ruling this month that struck down the existing Federal Communication Commission regulation over Internet providers.

He said that the government has to respect the court’s ruling “initially,” but that there may be other avenues for government regulation.

[Emphasis mine.]

Just what “other avenues” are considered in the Constitution?

Can’t think of any.


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