The word “Illegal” must be invisible to the left

SB 1070 was signed last Friday in Arizona.  The law, in short, grants the local police authority to enforce illegal immigration laws not being enforced by the federal government.  Maricopa County’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio was enforcing federal illegal immigration statutes under authority of the federal government until ex-governor Janet Napolitano revoked his authority.  Since then we might as well not have a border surrounding our country.

Perhaps what incites the left to vandalism of the Arizona State Capitol is the fact that we have borders.  (I thought the left didn’t want a “world economy.”)

Perhaps the left wants anarchy.  I’ve yet to hear one single suggestion offered from the progressive left that would enforce our laws on ILLEGAL immigration. I capitalized that imaginary word so perhaps a progressive might find it.  Do you think I don’t have to produce my proof of citizenship when I’m in Mexico or any other foreign country as a non-citizen?

Nobody’s rights are trampled by Arizona’s mimic of federal law.

No authority is granted to police allowing them to ignore constitutional rights.  Start your count-up clocks.  How long will it be before an Arizona law enforcement officer is convicted of trampling someone’s constitutional rights?   I emphasize convicted because it’ll take no time whatsoever for someone to file a complaint after a traffic stop leads to someone’s being arrested for being here illegally.

And so to the invisible word.  Case 1 – MSNBC notes it is now a crime to be illegal.  At least MSNBC is good for a chuckle every so often.  Case 2 – even the title is disingenuous by leaving out the concept ILLEGAL.  How convenient.  If legal immigrants have no constitutional rights, many of my friends and family are in for a big shock.  Umm, wake up!   The constitution protects US Citizens, not citizens the of Lower Atlantis.  That’s what citizenship and borders are about.  Being American is a privilege, not a right.


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