Nails in the Coffin of “Global Warming” Hoax

Widespread skepticism by scientists against “Global Warming” started brewing years ago.  But with so much research funding spent on Global Warming Climate Change research, there’s reluctance to pop the research bubble.   Think of the “.com bubble” and the denial preceding the .com collapse.

Scientifically, skepticism is a good thing.   This is why published research is supposed to go through peer review.   Data is to be provided to the community at large, and experiments proving theories can be easily reproduced by other scientists.  When peer reviews fail, trust in the objectivity of scientists will fall, and science as a whole is demeaned.

And so the reluctance of the original researchers in Global Warming Climate Change research to release their original raw data, then conspire to hide the decline,  this indicates the basic original research is corrupt.  Of course, those who stand to loose say there’s nothing to see here.

Making the rounds today are reports that other agencies have made unexplained changes to the raw data, as well.

The politicians will thrive on this, of course.


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