Interpretations of Islam

Incredulous claims of Islam being a “Religion of Peace”  took another hit in Fort Hood, Texas this week.   While the government seems unwilling to recognize the peacenik arguments internal to Islam are losing, we have an Army Major with Islamist red flags infiltrating our armed forces.   Fox News picked up on this, as well.

From the Telegraph article, note the following statement (emphasis mine):

Kamran Pasha, the author of Mother of the Believers, a new novel relating the story of Islam from the perspective of Aisha, Prophet Mohammed’s wife, was told of the al-Awlaki connection from a Muslim friend who is also an officer at Fort Hood. Using the name Richard, the recent convert to Islam described how he frequently prayed with Hasan at the town mosque after Hasan was deployed to Fort Hood in July. They last worshipped together at predawn prayers on the day of the massacre when Hasan “appeared relaxed and not in any way troubled or nervous“.

How’s that work?   Quite well, thank you, if your core religious beliefs train you it’s acceptable to murder.


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