Banker Sticks to Objectivist Principle, and Profits

John Allison of BB&T Bank proves the value of Objectivist principles, and has some fun along the way:

In particular, he relates the following anecdote about Rep. Barney Frank, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, who had portrayed a lack of housing as the source of all evil: “I had an interesting conversation with Barney Frank — he’s the bad guy in my opinion because he’s a very smart guy. I said to Mr. Frank, ‘Housing’s a good thing, but if it’s so good as you describe without any kind of constraints, the next time someone commits a crime instead of putting them in jail, why don’t we give them a house?’” The crowd of college students erupted in laughter, and Allison went on: “You laugh, but he thought I was serious. It was scary.”

(Bold is mine)


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