No Separation of Church and State in Islam

Homogeneity is required in Islam.  Religious homogeneity is expected of members of a religion.  After all, that’s what brings believers of a faith together under one roof.

As practiced in non-secular Islamic countries, though, religious homogeneity is a requirement of the law.

This report appeared today on Robert Spencer’s JihadWatch, reporting from Compass Direct:

LOS ANGELES, March 31 (Compass Direct News) – Declaring three Iranian Christians guilty of cooperating with “anti-government movements,” a court in Shiraz on March 10 ordered the converts to discontinue Christian activities and stop propagating their faith.

Got that, loud and clear?  Apostates from Islam to Christianity are guilty of anti-government movements.

The sentencing of three converts from Islam follows more than 50 documented arrests of Christians in 2008 alone, and the recent government crackdown includes Christian institutions that minister beyond Iran’s tiny indigenous Christian community.

For an excellent analysis regarding religious persecution in Political Islam, check out this site.



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