What have we forgotten in 50 years?

The police state tactics of Germany were defeated 50 years ago.  The Obot generation, showing much ignorance of history, appears willing to ignore the parallels between tactics of the Obama campaign and administration, and those of Germany.

Even if it isn’t explicitly sanctioned, this behavior remains unchecked.  The most complete but hardly thorough investigation into Obama’s campaign police tactics regards the Chicago Annenburg Challenge.   Add that, the unwillingness of any comedian to lambast Obama’s gaffes, even in good nature.

Pulling someone over for an anti-Obama sign?  I guess the police forget that Obama is the product of a single-mom household.  A mom who chose to not abort her child.


One Response to “What have we forgotten in 50 years?”

  1. llabesab Says:

    The Anointed One returned to Prime Minister Brown the bust of Churchill given to Pres. Bush by Tony Blair saying that he couldn’t use it.

    What the drive by media didn’t report is that he also gave Brown the original of the US Constitution uttering the exact same words.

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