Rush Limbaugh’s Stimulus Plan

Rush Limbaugh posted his own Bi-partisan Stimulus Plan in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today.  Never one to run away from a good fight, I’m happy to see Rush taking this back at the fully partisan “I Won” cockiness of the Democrats.

Last time someone tried that, Rush raised $4.2M for charity at Dingy Harry Reid’s expense.

Aside from the partisan showboating, Rush’s plan adds one element that’s never considered in the pork barrel “Generational Theft Act of 2009” – risk management.   That’s if you consider the “Stimulus Plan” an investment strategy.  Do you think that’s how the Democrats view the bill?

Neither do I.

On one hand, watching the Democrats feed from the bottomless trough of the federal treasury is amusing.  On the other hand it’s disgusting.   If you’re not one of their selected special interests, it will be a LONG time before any of the $1 trillion comes your way.  Give up hope, Obots!

Spreading the stimulus to successful businesses in the form of a tax credit (note that failing businesses don’t pay taxes) is an incentive to be more successful, employ more people, and circulate more money into the economy.

If such a plan were to be adopted (fat chance), success would be ensured, and both sides would claim victory.

That’s bipartisanship.   Not Obama’s large government socialist plan.


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