The Man with the Golden Gun

Today’s buzz over Barack Obama’s gun salesman of the year award sets me thinking.  

Should I be selling some of my modest “arsenal” or building it up?

It’s not like buying or selling Exxon Mobil stock.   Buying or selling guns in this situation is an emotional choice.  Such navel contemplating will only lead to more questions, of course.

All of those questions seem to lead to our country’s economic woes.   For which I firmly land the blame on the Congress (D) and the fear of moving money by the corporations and individuals with the real money.   As soon as the impending doom of a socialist tax ‘n spend President appears on the horizon in early 2008, the economy starts slowing.   Fear will cause the economy to slow.   And gun sales to rise.

If it weren’t for oil prices, I’d expect a matching response in gold sales.

Instead of the usual presentation of a custom flintlock rifle, I expect this year Barack Hussein Obama may receive a Golden Gun award at this year’s NRA convention in Phoenix.    On second thought, Nyah!


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