Violent crimes after banning guns — what happens next?

John Lott did a good job of proving the fallacy of gun control in More Guns, Less Crime.   Apparently those in the high seats of Parliament in the UK haven’t read a copy.

Somehow, they’re of a mind that less guns means less crime, when that clearly isn’t true.

According to police figures obtained under the freedom of information laws by the Conservative Party there have been 277 homicides from knives or sharp instruments — that’s five people being killed a week, in the past year.

Don’t say nobody should have figured criminal intent remains, just the tools change.

The woman in charge of making Britain a safer place is Home Affairs Secretary Jacqui Smith, who recently admitted she didn’t feel safe walking in her neighborhood alone at night.  Earlier this month, she had to apologize for misquoting figures that suggested the number of stabbings and teenagers carrying weapons were on the decrease.

Closing thoughts — Teenagers?  Why is this isolated to teenagers?


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